Updates from Oslo on Liu Xiaobo

Today I attended the ceremony for the Nobel diploma artist at Oslo’s Nobel Peace Centre. Gro Fraas is the diploma artist for Liu Xiaobo and the Chair of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Thorbjørn Jagland, unveiled the diploma. I was happy to see a photo of Liu Xiaobo already hanging in the Nobel Peace Centre and it’s encouraging that the Committee are taking such a strong stand for Liu Xiaobo in the face of China’s threats. They are truly sticking to their principles.

Worrying though is the news from Beijing that other signatories of Charter 08 are now being detained. I saw on the news that a Norwegian journalist had tried twice to meet with Liu Xiaobo’s lawyer Shang Baojun today but was unable to. Later on, Shang Baojun contacted the journalist to say that he was in police custody.

There is also the news that Liu Xiaobo’s wife, Liu Xia, is missing. The authorities were keen to have her far away from Beijing and the world’s media but it is unclear if she is on her way to meet with her husband or not.

I will continue to post updates on news I hear. Finally I was happy to see Woeser la’s reaction on Twitter on the news about Liu Xiaobo. Her tweet was translated by High Peaks Pure Earth and it says

“Am finally on Twitter again. On the train bound for Lhasa a friend sent me a text message “he won the prize”… First I sent Liu Xia a text message of congratulations, then I sent friends this text message, Cheers for the first Chinese recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize!”


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  1. kyangpo says:

    Just not new, it happens

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