Update from Oslo

First of all many apologies for not updating my blog until now! I was on a trip to India mainly for two reasons, to take part in the Sixth International Conference of Tibet Support Groups in Surajkund in early November and also for a Voice of Tibet workshop in Dharamsala. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who voted for me in the European Chitue preliminary elections, I feel very encouraged by the support that was shown for me.

The photo above shows me at the International TSG conference where I was a facilitator in the workshops.

Now that I am back in Oslo there is much activity around the forthcoming Nobel Peace Prize ceremony for Liu Xiaobo. I have posted the press release from Norwegian Tibet Committee on my blog and also the alternative program by various NGOs. I shall be attending the official ceremony and dinner banquet on December 10 and will be representing the Norwegian Tibet Committee.





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  1. Chungdak la, good to see your blog and yourself as well in India. I am sure you reached safely amidst the whole Nobel galas in Norway. I am looking forward to catch the glimpse of your observation on the celebration in your blog. Even though, the chair be empty, with the message of Liu Xiaobo at the Ceremony, whole world be with thee, who worked consistently for the promotion of democracy and human rights in China. Though, China has created a duplicate version of Nobel prize in China, every sensible person in this world understands how corrupted and stupids China acts, despite being the rising power. Will China threat work, I guess may be, its a short lived but in the long run, threats will not work and are not sustainble for China. China must change and the peoples voice must prevail. Free Liu Xiaobo, Free Tibet and Free China.

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