My Biography in Tibetan


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2 Responses to My Biography in Tibetan

  1. tenzin says:

    Only US Chitue supported His Holiness Dalai Lama wish and vision in Chitue discussions. Current European Chitues did not support HHDL. If you are chosen Chitue, I hope that you will support HHDL just like US Chitue and TYC did.

  2. chungdak says:

    We must bear in mind that His Holiness’ decision is for the long-term benefit of the Tibetans. Therefore people we elect will have to assume more responsibilities than ever before.
    His Holiness does not say that he is going into a cave nor is shirking any responsibilities. His Holiness simply wants to be one among the Tibetans and “as long as Tibetans place their trust and faith in me,” he says, “I will continue to serve the cause of Tibet.”

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