News Update: Norwegian Tibet Committee and Phagma Drölma, Association for Solidarity for the Tibetan People, Basque

News Update by Namgyal Tsomo, Board Member of Norwegian Tibet Committee

Contact organizer:  Tel. +34 61776767303

Tibet Awareness Programme in Basque State, Spain, 5-9 April, 2011

Tibet Support Group “Phagma Drölma” of Basque state with support from  4 City councils is to organize awareness activities about the Tibetan issue in general, and Tibetan women in particular.

Mrs. Chungdak Koren is invited by “Phagma Drölma”, Association for Solidarity for the Tibetan People based in the Basque state, Spain.

The awareness programme will take place in four cities of Basque: Legazpi, Ordizia, Villabona and Hernani. Mrs Chungdak Koren will give talks in these four cities and will meet with City Council Members and Mayors.

The Basque people have always supported other nations in conflict such as Palestine, Kurdistan, and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic.

The programme also comprises of documentary film screening on Tibet and photograph exhibition (Sikkim, March 2008, “March to Tibet”).

Andoain City Council on 31 March 2011 passed a motion calling on China to renew the negotiations and recognize the Tibetan government in exile as the legitimate representative of the Tibetan people. This motion will be handed to Mrs Chungdak Koren in an official meeting.

The Norwegian Tibet Committee is really encouraged by this activity and supports that Phagma Drölma in Basque is showing support and working for the Tibetan cause.


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