Short Write Up on my Recent Visit to Basque Autonomous Community, Spain

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From 4 -9 April, the Basque Tibet Support Group in cooperation with 4 city councils of  Legazpi, Andoain, Hernani, Donostia-San Sebastian and Villabona organized a Tibet awareness program. I was invited to give talks on Tibet and especially on the situation of  Tibetan women in Tibet.

It was very well organized and there was strong support from the Basque people for Tibet. They have also struggled for their culture and language survival. During my visit to these four cities I also had meetings with officials of the city as well as members of the city councils.

The city council of Andoain has passed a motion on Tibet. They also raised the Tibetan flag from 10-31 March and will also do so next year. The other three cities are also trying to pass a motion on Tibet.

The English translation of the motion text follows below.

I had also meetings with officials from the provincial government of this region. All the officials I met were very supportive to the Tibet cause and especially their concern was for Tibetan identity in danger. They would also like to organize more conferences on Tibet in the near future. I was also very much encouraged to see the very active work done by the local Tibet Support Group Pagma Drolma. They also published a booklet “Voices of Tibet” on Tibetan female writers Woeser la, Jamyang Kyi and Norzin Wangmo into Basque and Spanish languages and credited High Peaks Pure Earth for using the information from the High Peak Pure Earth website.

(Translation of the Motion) Passed by City of Andoain


In 1949, Tibet, historically an independent country was invaded by the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China.

This was followed by occupation of indescribable cruelty, during which Tibetans have been massacred, tortured, imprisoned and mass sterilized.  Forced abortions have been carried out, and have pursued the systematic destruction of cultural, religious and ecological heritage.

After decades of fierce resistance of the Tibetan people and their unyielding refusal to submit to Chinese rule, the Chinese authorities developed and implemented during the 80’s, a “final solution” of a new kind, a true ethnic cleansing “by dilution”, based on a policy of mass transfer of Chinese population to Tibet.

A few hundred Chinese were in Tibet in the 40s, now there are well over 7 million people of ethnic Han Chinese in Tibet, and Tibetan people are a minority in their own country.

The Tibetan people, their language, their culture, their religion, their customs and traditions will be permanently relegated to the history books.

Time is short. We must stop, now while there is time, this silent genocide. We must stop the dictatorial rule of China on its venture of death and destruction.

It’s necessary to create, from Tibet, from their freedom and their liberation, the first fruits of freedom and the liberation of 1.3 billion Chinese men and women so they can enjoy the respect of human rights and freedoms in China.

Require both the Basque Government and the Madrid government recognition of the Tibetan Government in exile as interlocutor in negotiations with the Chinese government.

Without losing a moment, we, the entire free world, the citizens, elected officials at all levels of responsibility, must organize; and it’s necessary that millions of women and men unite under the flag of active nonviolent resistance in order to regain Tibet’s freedom.

For, without further delay, the authorities in Beijing and the Tibetan government in exile begin and conclude, under the auspices of Secretary General of the United Nations, the negotiations to reach a real situation of full autonomy for Tibet in all fields of political, economic, social and cultural, with the exception for foreign policy and defense.

To show specific support to this goal of democracy, peace and freedom, we as mayors and mayoress of cities and towns, have decided to fly the Tibetan flag in our municipality, until the authorities in Beijing and the Tibetan government in exile have concluded an agreement on a new statute of full autonomy for Tibet.

As mayors and mayoress, we request our Parliament and our Government, to adopt the European Parliament’s resolution, to recognize the Tibetan government in exile and to support the appointment of an EU Special Representative for Tibet, since the expiration of this period of three years, the new statute of full autonomy has not yet been ratified nor implemented.


Mayor / Mayoress


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