My Question to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Madam Navanethem Pillay held a meeting in Oslo on 5th May with members of Norwegian NGO forum. The following is my question to her and her response:

Q: Since March 2008 there has been widespread protests took place across all Tibetan areas under present day China. Most of the demonstrations were reportedly peaceful. Unfortunately the peaceful demonstrators were crackdown severely by Chinese armed forces despite international community´s calls for respect of human rights of Tibetan demonstrators.

As reported in the media, on 27 March 2008, then UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Louise Arbour is said to have requested a senior Chinese diplomat in Geneva for a visit to Tibet to make independently first hand investigation of violations in the
ongoing crisis. Chinese envoy responded, “The timing was not convenient now”. He further said that “there would be a possibility for Arbour to visit in the future at a mutually convenient time,” according to Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the Commissioner told to Human Rights Tribune.

You are aware that since 16 March this year following self-immolation of a monk from Ngaba Kirti Monastery the situation inand around Ngaba Kirti Monastery became serious and grim. The monastery having over 2500 monks has been sealed off since then and monks have been forced to undergo patriotic education. Huge Chinese armed forces stationed at Ngaba Kirti Monastery. Over 300 monks have been arrested and taken away to undisclosed location, according to Tibetan sources in Exile.

Given the serious human rights abuses taking place in China and particularly in Ngaba Kirti Monastery in Sichuan Province in Tibet, we would like to know if Your Excellency has asked China for a visit to Tibet. What you intend to do if China refused your request? Would you bring this matter for discussion in the coming Human Rights
Council scheduled in May – June 2011?

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Madam Navanethem Pillay’s answer to my question:

“Thank you for reminding me for visit to China/ Tibet. When I took over the office of High Commissioner, China was the first country to invite me to China. I have not been able to visit yet. I will visit China and of course will also make visit to Tibet during my visit to China. I am aware of the humen right situation in China and Tibet”.

I also informed her about the ongoing TYC hunger strike in Delhi and requested to send her representative from Delhi UN office to visit the hunger strike site.


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2 Responses to My Question to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

  1. karma says:

    what is this ? why not watch human rights for Tibet. Is Tibetan’s are not human like other nation or what.china will suffer as same as Tibetan’s suffering now then soon china will too because god is watching every single thing we do in our lives. one day everybody got to leave this human body. no one lives for ever. i wish the day of freedom for Tibet will come soon. or china will brun in hell like a fry chicken.

  2. sathyadeva says:

    UN human rights commisioners are selected from South Africa, where they have sold all black peoples human rights to the minority Afrikans people.
    Blacks in South Africa live in abject poverty. No blacks own homes or cars, no public health or public education to spek of . They the blacks live in shacks the south africans are forced to call townships. It is a filthy land. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu were made saints by the colonialists and that place is a stinking hell hole.
    These women have sold their soul to the devil. Pillay and her successor. They know nothing about human rights.
    UN human rights commision now is a place that advocates US/Uk invasions in places where they want to be soveriegn nations. UN is declaring war against all free nations of the south.
    These women are boot lickers . Don’t waste time.

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