Updates on the “Flame of Truth” European Tour

Many many greetings and Tashi Delek from the two European Chithue!

The Flame of Truth and the signature campaign for Tibet was started on September 2, Democracy Day of Tibet in Africa, Australia, Canada, North America and Europe.

Route Map for Flame of Truth in Europe

The opening ceremony of the European Tour in Barcelona was fantastic, full of aspirations and collaborations. The European Tour of Flame of Truth will go to 22 countries and 28 cities. Chithue Thupten Wangchen la is travelling with the Flame. Today they are in Andorra, the second country on our tour.

You can visit our Flame of Truth European Tour on Facebook www.facebook.com/FlameOfTruthEurope  We will update our achievements every day.

Our email contacts are info2@casadeltibetbcn.org, Chungdakkoren500@gmail.com com and javinogue@gmail.com

Our telephone number during the whole tour will be +34 654 86 56 55

Please click on the links below to read information about the Flame of Truth in German and Italian:

Flame of Truth – GERMAN

Flame of Truth – Italian

REQUEST: All our forthcoming tour organizers, please do let us know when we should arrive, what time and where? We need full address with zipcode (for our GPS) Please, try your best to organize as many activities and maximum signatures campaign in your local area till 4th November.

That would be great if you could arrange your City Mayors, Parliamentarians and VIPs  to receive the Flame of Truth with an official car.

We really appreciate the sincere involvement and support of our Europe Representatives of Tibet Offices.

With our prayers and wishes to achieve our aims and objectives………

Thanks for your effort and collaboration,

Thupten Wangchen and Chungdak Koren

European Chithue


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