Questions and Suggestions for Parliament

Update September 29, 2013: I have since heard from Dhardon Sharling la that since I am not personally in the house, no second person is allowed to ask questions on my behalf.


Since I am currently unable to attend the Parliament session in Dharamsala, I have asked MP Dhardon Sharling la to ask the questions on my behalf and am awaiting the answers.


Questions and Suggestions from European Chithue Chungdak Koren

1) Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

– The UPR is an important UN mechanism that we should be closely following. In the past, Tibetans have been able to achieve a high visibility at the UN and we have sent delegations eg World Conference against Racism in 2001. We used to participate in NGO sessions and also hold trainings.

Nowadays, China is sending lots of delegations and the Tibetan presence is diminishing. Are we submitting shadow reports to the UPR? Why do we still have no UN expert in the Geneva office? Why are we not using resources available to us in Europe and tapping into talented young Tibetans who could follow the UN closely?

To the Kashag:

1) Dialogue with PRC

– Up till now there has been no dialogue with PRC. There needs to be at least the possibility of a dialogue with PRC otherwise Tibetans will all feel frustrated. Under the previous Administration and Special Envoy there used to at least be contact with China. It is well know that Sikyong at Harvard organised meetings and conferences to bring Tibetans and Chinese together. Has Sikyong used his personal contacts and network of scholars in order to bring about dialogue?

– New Task Force members need not only be fluent in Chinese language but we need to include Tibetans who know China and can offer analytical skills such as Tseten Wangchuk of VOA and Dr. Tashi Rabgey and Dr. Losang Rabgey from Canada. Why are we not using these kinds of Tibetans in the Task Force?

2) Constructive Criticism

– The Middle Way has been a clear policy since the first proposal in 1987 in Strasbourg so there must still be misunderstanding about it that need to be addressed due to the recent criticisms.

However, what’s important is that instead of excluding critics, we should be including them and inviting them to air and exchange views. These people might have constructive suggestions and their inputs could be of great value. We always need to retain an open mind when it comes to criticism.


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12 Responses to Questions and Suggestions for Parliament

  1. i think this sikyang will finish all thing for tibetans future. it is very pain full. here in nepal every where capture and controlled by chinese. loyal for COT peoples are facing too much bad experience. i am very sad to say you here representative is loyal to CPC.

  2. Dorbye says:

    Good job, Chungdak la. the question about envoy, i have been thinking thr same thing. all your questions are exllent.

  3. Jamyang says:

    Perfect questions, I hope you get sincere answers instead of smart answers. Take care of your health.

  4. Generation next says:

    chungdak la, Your reference to include the critics of middle way apporach is something that really needs to be a matter of study and analysis. Because, people like Jamyang Norbu and Karma chophel are totally different. This is not a matter a of not respecting their views by CTA rather it is a matter of truth v/s hype. They are not criticising the issue sincerely. Their motive is to break up the unity of Tibetan people.They did like a tactical politician by collecting outside support public specially youths and even they tried to gain fame and image from public. Now they felt the timing to form an organisation which opposed CTA in the name of its differences in policies. They are trying to gain post and fame in Rangzen org, That is purely an personal. Therefore, i don’t see there is necessary to give them any form of platform. Because, they are not unaware rather their acts are deliberate by nature. so I request chetu la not to encourage their type of people.

    • chungdak says:

      Thank you for your comment. It is not my intention to single out anybody for their views. I wish to make it clear that I believe in open, fair and transparent discussion. If there is any dissatisfaction with current policies or if there are any constructive suggestions that can be made then there should be forums provided where discussion and exchange can take place.

  5. Joe Hamilton says:

    Very refreshing to see someone asking valid questions in the true spirit of democracy. Total respect for you Chungdak la !

  6. Chungdak la please no particular name for task force ,,You are a chitue and you dont have power to appoint a particular person,,( chitues oath ;;;;Choeka Yermey and Choeluk Rigmey .. thanks

    • chungdak says:

      Dear Tenzing Gonpa la, Thank you for your comment. If you read my questions carefully, I wasn’t appointing anyone to the Task Force, I was simply highlighting people that I think are well qualified for the Task Force. Yes I am a Chithue and I’d like to emphasise here that I am totally against bringing up choeka and choeluk. I have not talked about any affiliations at all so please do not infer that I am doing so when I make constructive suggestions.

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