Announcement of Resignation from the Tibetan Parliament in Exile

Press Release, 18 March 2014, Oslo

On 17 March, 2014, I informed Speaker Penpa Tsering la, the Deputy Speaker and Secretary Mr Topgyal la of my resignation from the Tibetan Parliament in Exile. I expressed to them my gratitude and pride of having served as the representative for the Tibetans living in Europe. However, due to the deterioration in my health condition I regret that I am unable to continue to carry out the many responsibilities of a Chitue.

During my tenure, I have enjoyed the support of the Tibetans living in Europe and the Tibetan communities. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to initiate and coordinate some major initiatives for Tibet in Europe. In 2012, at the height of the self-immolations in Tibet, Tibetan communities in Europe and Tibet supporters joined their hands to hold a European Solidarity Rally in Vienna. His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Sikyong Lobsang Sangay as well as old friends such as Bernard Kouchner (ex-foreign minister of France) inspired the crowd of 10,000 people not to give up and reminded Europe of its responsibility for Tibet. This historic event was followed by the 10 March Rally combined with a Tibet Lobby Day in the institutions of the European Union in Brussels.

I would like to thank my colleague Ven. Thubten Wangchen la for the good working cooperation we have enjoyed,  for his trust and for all his moral support in hard times. I’d like to thank Oystein Alme of Voice of Tibet for all his help here in Oslo over the years. Oystein has been a long time Tibet friend and I greatly appreciate him as a colleague and a friend. I hope that he continues his engagement and hard work. I’d also like to thank Dechen Pemba for her help over the years and greatly appreciate her work with High Peaks Pure Earth to promote Tibetan voices from inside Tibet. I request everyone to support this work and the work of young Tibetans, they are the ones who keep me motivated and give me hope for the future.

My biggest thanks and gratitude goes to my husband Michael Koren who has shown limitless understanding for my undertakings and without whose support I could have not done my Tibet work.

I will continue to work for Tibet and always keep Tibet in my heart, especially the people inside Tibet. I will keep working for Tibet until my last breath until we achieve our goal. It is my hope to join my fellow Tibet activists again, those friends I have worked with in Norway for so many years, and those friends of Tibet I had the pleasure to meet during my time as His Holiness’ representative in Geneva. We need courageous people around the world who fight for justice and for the rights of those who suffer from injustice and repression. I’d like to thank all of you for your support and dedication. I encourage you to keep up the great work you have been doing until now supporting Tibet.

I have no interest in holding on to the Chitue title without being able to carry out my duties, therefore I see this also an opportunity for new people to come forward with new ideas and new energy. I apologise that I have not been able to fulfill the full term of the Chitue but my health simply does not allow. Please offer your generous support to my successor. I wish him all the best and encourage him to use this opportunity to come up with fresh ideas in order to realise our dream to live as a free people in this world.


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