Some Thoughts on Recent Discussions

It is disappointing to see where our political discourse is headed to. Instead of being directed towards Beijing, it is sadly directed towards His Holiness. Even the old guards seem to have vanished. I don’t get the same old feeling I used to get back in the 1970’s and 90’s at Gangchen Kyishong.

With much respect for people like Jamyang Norbu la, I wish he would go to Dharamsala and shoulder the responsibility of leading the movement there or lead the youth into Tibet and stage a struggle from there. The day he does that, I will be the first one to work under his leadership.

We need action right now and not lofty words.

We need to come together, work together and get our words and action against the Chinese leaders and bring out a genuine solution at this critical moment in our history and struggle.

Recently Lodi Gyari Rinporche was interview on REF regard to his late article. He did an excellent explanation of the Tibetan position and TYC witch will clarify many of the misunderstandings and unclearity among our supporters. I have requested the REF to do a transcript of the interview and translation and to distribute that. I think it will be helpful to understand more about the background of exile community establishment. Last but least we Tibetans inside and outside Tibet is very grateful to have a leader like his holiness Dalai Lama who have guided us with nonviolence and kept Tibetans struggle alive. Thanks to him Tibets struggle is not forgotten and is known to the world.

Here is the program:

Dear friends, Tibetans are very grateful to all our supporters who have support us through difficult time, at the same time please remember that Tibetans will decide the best solution for Tibet.

Warm regards


My health is getting better day by day.


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